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02-21-2013, 08:17 PM
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Talked with Swerve today. I love the guy. He gets it and will be good for the team.

- He said the plan is that Joseph doesn't see the field this season. When Ed explains it the signing makes total, total sense.
- he's been talking with two teams today. He didn't say what it's about, so I'm inferring trade talk. There will be no more FA signings.
- Nichols will be fully ready for camp and will compete for the starter's job. An announcement tomorrow.
- Messam was a cancer in the dressing room. Ed said our problem is now Montreal's.
- He promises that the Eskimo way is back. Anyone who doesn't exude that character will not be here.
- He almost cried when he got the GM job.

Can hardly wait for camp.

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