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02-21-2013, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by robbiezyg View Post
Its called bad asset management if they trade him for nothing.
That is a very accurate analysis of the situation. Ryan was brought in for a specific role in an adjusted hybrid exctly like we are using now that relied more on the fastbreak defensive exits as opposed to the quasi-transitional fastbreak initiated upice and faster that we are now using. When Whitneys mobility issues are addressed it isnt tangible mobility as in footspeed, it is in positional awareness and ability to engage the forcheck by pressuring them with the rush instead of from behind the net which is more traditional.

Whitney gave us what we asked for when he wasnt injured, the teams collapses werent his fault last year although it may have appeared that way, he was executing the system how he was asked, his issues are the biggest difference between Renney and Krueger, Krueger activates the defense at will and expects them to adjust he demands flexibility, Mac-T and Renney demanded strict set play reliance on a consistant zone exit building into the transition game. Krueger method of adjusting the defensive exit is what activates maximum offense from the adjusted-hybrid system. Mac-T activated the offense only at playoff time and during desperation games trying to get in the door.

In terms of asset managment they take a huge hit on Ryan because they couldnt forsee the day they woulnt need him anymore to maximise his value tradewise any more than they could have accurately told you why their system needed him in the first place when they paid for him. This is just nother symptom of a lack system-understanding and proper planning.

Its a long story but the Oilers were evolving before the coaching change on their own autonomously,last years winning streak was not a fluke it was system induced, we adjusted our system when Ryan was injured and then abandoned the adjustments with no thought about it believing they were not critical.

What we changed when we were winning was our zone transitions we went to a controlled transition like we used to create 56 shots, and we abandoned the fastbreak, the reasons werent really proper it was a bandaid last year but it was perfect. There is a system that does this same thing better than the adjusted hybrid, the NHS.

Ryan is mobile enough to be very effective in almost any system out there, ours is unique for now in the way we adjust the defense, but others are now using the adjusted hybrid the same way as we speak after LA useda NHS enhanced version of it last year to win the cup.

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