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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Load of crap IMO. If I'm gonna skip class it's not cuz i'm downtown. I just won't show up at all. Honestly, many people fear that. "Oh no, I'm dtown, i'll skip!" nah...if you dont wanna go, you just wont get out of bed at all.

As good as clubs can be I find there's no problem waiting till university level. Honestly, you get to know people in your program better and can network better at that level with student organizations and all that. This shouldn't really be a huge factor at cegep level unless someone really wants it to be.
1) time is the most precious commodity in life. Commuting 30 and not 60 minutes each way is incredibly valuable.

2) I don't refer to making friends and meeting people as "networking", i find that pretty shallow actually.

If you do things because you enjoy them, be it the tennis, boxing, debating or anime club, you will get a lot more out of it than if you do things to "network". You're more natural and interesting if you give a genuine damn.

If there's a meeting with 150 Peter Keating types in 200$ suits passing out their business cards and pretending to care, you can go, but it will not be very efficient.

Let's make up an example: squash. It is the most popular sport in the finance world. If you're good at squash, you will carry a lot of mileage just from the resulting respect and people wanting to play against you. Who is more likely to achieve that: someone who picks up the sport at 25 to "network" like some social parasite, or someone who starts obsessing over it because he loves it?

I strongly suggest making clubs an extra curriculars a top priority to anyone aged 18-25. It is a lot of fun, keeps you sane, and you will get as many benefits as you would from more classes.

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