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Lore (2012), directed by Cate Shortland: A mother and her brood of children are on the run in Germany at the end of the Second World War. The twist is that they are not Jews. Rather the mother is a potential war criminal, and her children look like candidates for Hitler Jugend. It soon falls upon the eldest child, Lore, to find a way to marshall the children overland to Munich, a long ways away. On their travels, they are befriended by a young man who just might be Jewish. It sounds more interesting on paper than it plays in reality. Shortland makes some provacative moves, but she doesn't always know what she wants to do with her movie. Saskia Rosendahl as Lore is lovely and fragile, but her character and the movie around her are emotionally inert. As a result, very little in this movie ever wrings true or feels compelling. So surehanded with a risk-taking young woman in Somersault, Shortland appears baffled by the more reserved Lore. The director spends so much time taking hand-held close ups of the scenery that the movie seems preoccupied with the wrong elements of the film. The final show of spirit by Lore is little more than an easy way to end the movie in a predictably uncontroversial way. Overall, I just got the feeling that Shortland bit off a tad more than she could chew here.


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