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Originally Posted by gordie View Post
That shows the talent discrepancy that Michel Therrien has to overcome in Montreal unlike our resident whistle blower has too here in Pittsburgh but Thanks! for pointing it out.
You can get back to endlessly whining about the coach if you want. I just posted it because I found it interesting. We tend to think we were more disciplined under MT and we probably were in some ways because of his style but the numbers really don't support it.

Bylsma's first two full seasons
936 total penalties

MT's first two full seasons
963 total penalties

DB has had one more full year than MT and his 3 year total was 1306.

I threw out the seasons that there were coaching changes from Edzo to MT and MT to Bylsma.

This year Calgary actually has the fewest penalties in the league and that's followed by Minnesota and Winnipeg. Not exactly stacked teams. St. Louis and their disciplinarian coach Hitchcock have a comparable number of penalties to us at 85. Babcock's Wings are at 84 in the same number of games.

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