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02-21-2013, 09:29 PM
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So not to completely derail the conversation about country music (I live in Superior WI nine months out of the year, I hear way too much of it already) but I've got a weird question. So I've got this Wild hat from my late grandfather. He bought it for himself on my birthday at the lodge against the Oilers and they won. The next game we went to a few days later against the Nucks and they won so he decided to wear it only for division opponents as kind of a superstition thing. Well a week later he passed away and my grandmother gave it to me. My question is that if the realignment occurs should I wear it against the current teams (nucks, oil, flames, avs) or our new division? I wouldn't get to wear it that much if I didn't switch so I'm a little torn. What do you guys think?

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