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02-21-2013, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
They are "giving tickets away left and right" to FORMER season ticket holders? Sorry, just not believing that. I would like to hear from some who are getting all these freebies.

I would like to hear some real numbers- I think the Predators are at the point now where they don't have to give a ton of tickets away to sell out the building. Every team has some form of comp/promotional tickets, but if they really are giving tickets away left and right they are stupid.....

Why is it that every time attendance or the sellout streak comes up, people have to crap all over it??? Hockey is more popular in Nashville than ever before- the attendance is a GOOD thing, even if every single person in the building isn't a paying customer- enjoy it please........
I'm not crapping on it. I'm just saying...there's some artificial inflation going on during this streak. If you choose to believe 16.5 of those attend ending last Thursday vs the Coyotes were legit...well... That's your right.

And believe it or not...we cancelled ONE of our seats, and I get an email once a week from our rep, "that seat still hasn't gone to a new STH, would you like a ticket for that seat as our way of saying thanks, so that someone can see what they are missing?"

Friends and coworkers have reported similar things. "Buy an extra ticket for any of these games, get another game free," etc.

Henry/Cogen believe in letting the product advertise itself, just as Leipold did...but unlike Leipold, who saturated big companies with freebies to the point no one saw the sense in buying tickets because someone was always offering a free trip, C/H believe in channeling the comps through their existing fanbase. Bring a friend, answer their questions, rub your enthusiasm on them, feel warm and fuzzy that your loyalty means something.

I can't bag any of that, especially if it works in the long run. I'm just saying--if the Dallas game on Mnday is sold out, rest assured that about 2000 of those folks are likely there for free or for very cheap.


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