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02-21-2013, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
yep, totally agreed, crazy game

regarding Richards, i'll repost this here.

The issue with Richards right now is 100% mental. What is he doing? stupid plays. blind passes, terrible high risk plays that are getting picked off and going against the other way. It's all decision making stupidity. He's not super slow and can't do anything out there, he's skating at his usual pace. His shot hasn't completely disappeared, he just has zero confidence in it right now.

it's between his ears, he's a professional, he'll figure it out, or he'll get eaten up by NY...i choose to be optimistic here.
I'm optimistic as well, I just wish he gave me something to remain positive about. Each and every game he's stays as terrible as the last. I think he could mentally get out of whatever funk he's in but he needs to just play smarter out there. These blind passes and passes to absolutely no one are getting sickening. Also, he's getting slower and slower every game. Sigh. I'm just mostly upset right now because last season we were a force. And a lot of people had us pegged as Cup favorites this year, especially with the addition of Nash. Now it seems we're back to square one. We need guys like Richards right now more than anything, it's a terrible time for him to start ******** the bed. imo. But it is early, and I'm with you. I'm going to try really hard to stay positive. lol try is the key word there.

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