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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
I often wondered.. couldn't there be software placed in every PVR/DVR out there to communicate back to cable providers everything that is being watched on that particular device - from live, to recorded shows.. how many times was recorded show watched?

Sure they wouldn't have specific demographic information (unless people volunteered it), but they would have a much greater level of information of viewership and habits.

Wouldn't this be allowed as long as the info was anonymous? Just seems too easy.
They already do.

From DirecTV's Privacy policy:
I. Types of Information we collect and how we collect it
"Anonymous Viewing Information" means information about use of your DIRECTV Receiver, DIRECTV interactive application, or Authorized Device that is not associated with or linked to your Account Information. For example, your DIRECTV Receiver regularly sends Anonymous Viewing Information to us. This information allows us to know, for example, that a subscriber from a particular city watched a show, but we cannot associate those viewing choices with you. Also, if you use a DIRECTV interactive application on an Authorized Device with location-based features enabled, we collect and use precise location data provided by the Authorized Device to customize certain programming and service options available to you through the interactive application. This location data does not personally identify you, but it does provide the real-time geographic location of your Authorized Device. You may request that we block the collection of Anonymous Viewing Information from your DIRECTV Receiver as described in Section IV below. Because DIRECTV does not control the hardware and software of the various Authorized Devices you may use to access DIRECTV programming or services, it may not be possible to block collection of Anonymous Viewing Information from all Authorized Devices.


III. When we share Customer Information with third parties

We share Customer Information with third parties where it is necessary to conduct a legitimate business activity related to serving our customers, including as follows:
Marketing: We may share Customer Information, including programming purchases, with selected media, entertainment, and other similar service providers, as well as with third parties with whom we offer co-branded or joint products or services. These third parties may use this Customer Information to market products or services to you.

Aggregated and Anonymous Viewing Information is information that does not identify you, and we may disclose aggregated and/or Anonymous Viewing Information and any derived analyses to third parties including suppliers, advertisers, broadcasters, research companies and other organizations, without limitation.
I would be very surprised if Comcast et al didn't do the same.

Originally Posted by Jagorim Jarg View Post
That would require the DVR/PVR companies to be working directly with the cable providers. That has got to be some technically complicated breach of privacy issue that I can't even understand.
The CableCos and Satellite providers are the DVR companies - the vast majority of DVRs are built in to the end user equipment you get from Comcast/DirecTV/etc.

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