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12-19-2003, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Fla.Flyer.Fan
Agreed. His save % for the last weeks worth of games can't be good. Even though we're not giving up too many shots, the ones we are, have been real good scoring chances lately. But his problems with straight on, un-screened shots is killing me.
The team as a whole is slumping as MojoJojo said and Hackett certainly isn't helping. But he did get us points early last week that we probably didn't deserve. Here's too hoping Esche can come back and be the #1 guy!
It's those points we got that we didn't deserve that I think hurt them more than helped. Take a loss because you played like crap, get motivated to do better. It's been good to see them comeback but it's getting a little ridiculous.

I definitely hear you on the unscreened shots too. Those are the ones a goaltender is SUPPOSED to make.