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02-21-2013, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
Pretty much.

This is a dog eat dog fanbase though, so consider that. He hasnt even played 100 games yet and we're already talking amnesty buyout. He was a major reason for our top 5 season last year.
That's fine that you say this but do you really think the reasons why people are discussing this are not good reasons?

How often does a 31 year old with 7 years left a HUGE cap hit and a severely deteriorated game show up at the EXACT time a get out of jail free card is available? This is clearly a case with some very unqiue aspects yet people who support not cutting Richards refuse to even acknowledge that.

Again anyone who feels he WILL be a good player for another 3-4 years then I get you wanting to keep him and advocating we keep him for thos rreasons. But to blindly dismiss the other side as if there's no merit? Doesn't make much sense at all. After all this is a forum for hockey talk and debate what the hell kind of debate can you have if all one side does is say "You're stance is stupid/crazy" without giving any reasons beyond pure speculation to counter? Let's face it all evidence
a) his actual play vs his play in the past
b) Other players at similar ages including many we've signed
All that is very significant evidence that fuels the opinion that he should be bought out.
Where's the fun in dismissing this evidence without logic or is it just fun to anonymously attack people and insult their opinions without any logic in your response?

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