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02-21-2013, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by trilobyte View Post
It's true, no athlete in good health will decline that rapidly. Watching Richards gather the puck up behind the net and skate it up ice shows a guy who skates just fine.
His lack of flow just ends up with him standing around somewhere and then trying to jump back into the play. No wonder he looks slow, he is not in the flow. The entire Rangers offense does not flow most of the time, and don't tell me that it is completely the fault of Brad Richards.

I'm not sticking up for his play, not at all, but the whole team has no cohesion. It's a team game, and I see no creative think as you go at the speed of skates play building, play making.
I think this post is pretty valid, and illustrates brilliantly what I came to post in a new thread: We've Lost Our Chemistry.

We lost key heart and soul guys (Prust, Feds), a guy that has was one of our initial "rebuild" guys and part of the fabric of the post-lockout Rangers (Dubinsky), and a very serviceable guy who could add offense on occasion (and a Center at that), in the much maligned Anisimov. Now, we've also lost Powe, and Nash, our most potent offensive machine. Add the natural regression of Richards, and the typical Gaborik off-year, and you have a recipe for a shockingly unpredicted year of disappointment. There are just to many variables. Last year's team just...worked. They all bought in, and rode the wave between their play, the HBO series, Winter Classic, etc. It was a special season. So many things are different. This is not the same team, at all. This team, quite not very good.

I'm not even gonna compare this team to the one who won the President's Trophy, then came in dead-last in the division, then WON the CUP. But... I can dream.....

Right now, I can't say I'm happy with the state of really, anything. I'm certainly not thinking that the Cup is even a remote possibility, at this point.

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