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02-21-2013, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR135 View Post

I agree completely. There were a few rushed tonight and one or two vs Montreal where Richie looked like last year, rushing from his zone, through a few players and into the offensive zone. He's just not putting it together. He's either making a good rush, ending with a bad pass or forcing a pass or waiting one second too long to make a play.

I've been playing this game my whole life and this looks like a guy who's in a slump and playing with no confidence. He's over thinking everything he's doing with the puck which is leading to bad and forced passes. He's skating hard but not doing much with it. He's second guessing his decision making and thus, taking too long to do anything which is eliminating his chance at a successful play. Quintessential example of a hockey player who is playing poorly because of lack of confidence.

Look at those highlight videos for Dallas. There we see a player who is not even thinking about what he's doing, he's so confident in his abilities and his decision making that he is instinctively making amazing plays. Confidence is key for Richards, hopefully he can string together a few decent games and get some rolling here.
i just can't help but worry about this team. I never go for the blame on a single player. This is not baseball.

As you correctly point out, Richards was a total menace to the opposition with Dallas. It was a different game than what the Rangers play, but I still don't know why the Rangers forwards on the skilled lines should not be able to roam more freely. i am not saying that they should not care about backchecking, but the correct balance has to be struck. The Rangers skilled lines should be going more freely for the net, with offense the priority. I cannot say that they are not allowed to do this, just that it certainly does not look right. Not right at all.

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