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02-21-2013, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
Ugh, and now there is a "Value of: Brad Richards" thread on the trade forum. Can we get off this guy already? See my post there if you want to see how upset I am with everyone here. Wait, I'll copy and paste it for you to read in case. This was directed to one of our fans who claimed Richards sucked the entire second half of last season...

"You mean when Richards had 22 points (7g 15a) in 17 games in March? Or when he lead the Rangers with 15 points in the post season scoring pivotal goals to advance the Rangers to the Conference Finals?

This thread has "What have you done for me lately" written all over it. To say he sucked the second half of last season is delusional.

He had 39 points in the last 41 games he played in 11-12, including the playoffs. And that's when you WANT him to perform. He was big for us March -- May and you said was bad in the second half?

He's had a rough start to this season. I get it. But outside of Lundqvist, he was the biggest reason we got to the Conference Finals.

And yes, 16 games in a spectrum of 870 games is a SMALL sample."

There were significantly prolonged stretches last year he played invisible or just as poorly as this. Based on his age and contract length AND sample size with the Rangers it's too early to say CUT HIM THIS INSTANT but it certainly makes sense to start evaluating alternatives to keeping him

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