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07-14-2006, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Anthony P View Post
The original poster did not know that Zidane is also known for being a *****.... Zidane is not a clean player by no stretch of the imagination.... Materazzi insulted him..... big *****, it happens all the time in sports.... the fact that Zidane reacted the way he did demonstrates my point.... that Zidane is a *****....

Materazzi is a ***** too.... he's been a dirty player in his career.... but what he did was not dirty and Zidane's reaction cannot be justified.... the mere fact that people keep trying to find excuses for Zidane is just sad.... none of these players deserve anything from the fans.... not one thing....

I've made my point that Zidane is not a clean player.... and that's where it ends for me.... too many sour grapes going around on boards these days....
The original poster wasn't asking about Zidane, but obviously you wouldn't let that deter you from making your over the top rant.

BTW: If you had taken the time to read any of my posts on this subject you'd realize what a complete crock of **** the bolded part of you post is.

Congrats you are the first person to make my ignore list.

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