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02-21-2013, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by FrailSwan View Post
You're perfect to ask. Why's everyone complaining about him?
He's been bad. Self-admittedly. I think the lockout and lack of training camp messed with him more than others. Seems like conditioning issues, but can't really be sure. He's doing really stupid **** like bad no-look passes and drop passes to no one.

Honestly I think Tort's system just sucks the life out offense. He can't make the same high vision passes like he used to in Dallas, as the team isn't built for rushes in transition or playing through the center of the ice. The Rangers are entirely built on winning along the boards. Kinda hard to use elite vision and passing when the coach discourages them.

Still Brad hasn't looked good. He excelled last year because he was scoring CLUTCH ass goals. But he never was a goal scorer so its not surprising that faded away. Now it just seems like he may be slightly out of condition from the lockout, lacking confidence due to poor play, and not being able to utilize his strengths.

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