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07-14-2006, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund View Post
Quit your damn whinning....I'm sick of heariing about this now. Tell me something why wasn't there an investigation when Totti spat on a player in the last world cup in 2002....He must of been provoked.....No matter what was said to Zidane...Zidane lost his cool and was red carded. Face it getting under your opponents skin is part of professional sports always has ans always will be.
Zidane should have never been awarded the golden Ball by the way....How do you give him the golden? In the first two games Zidane does nothing to help his team win as France tied both of them 0-0 and 1-1 I believe....Zidane scored a total of 3 goals this tournament ...All on penalty shots...and lets not forget the only prelimary game France won Zidane was not part of as he had been yellow causioned twice before, that's right Zidane had a total of two yellows and two reds in this tournament and you talk to me about how dirty Materazzi is! LOL....

The only reason Zidane is getting all of this attention and the benefit of the doubt is because of his retirement. Over his carrer Zidane is one the most carded players inthe world!


ITALY WORLD CHAMPIONS and deservingly so!
Relax dude.... he agreed afterwards that Zidane was also no Saint....

Some people don't watch football or follow it that closely except for during World Cups or Euro cups.... so they don't necessarily know much about all the players.... especially not from incidents that resulted during league play.....

In the end, what gets to me is that people actually bought into the French PR spin that Zidane was the victim.... In the end it would have made no difference.... Henry would still have been replaced by Trezeguet and he still would have missed....

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