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07-14-2006, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by habfan4 View Post
The original poster wasn't asking about Zidane, but obviously you wouldn't let that deter you from making your over the top rant.

BTW: If you had taken the time to read any of my posts on this subject you'd realize what a complete crock of **** the bolded part of you post is.

Congrats you are the first person to make my ignore list.
Quick to jump I see.... I said "boards" not necessarily this one.... I don't really care if you feel France deserved it or Italy deserved it.... in the end it makes no difference to me....

And if I am on your ignore list, so what.... am I supposed to cry or something? you don't need to tell me that as if you're the president of the United States you know and that I've caused some great sin....

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