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02-21-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
The reason I love country is that you can hear the song once, maybe twice, and you can sing along with it. I've heard that some people want more complicated songs, but why listen to music that you have to spend hours listening to in order to get the lyrics down?
I love music that I can listen to 100 times and hear new things. I love memorizing all the patterns, rhythms, melodies, tonalities. Just like a well-crafted harmony can bring a melody to another level, when you start stacking parts on top of parts that all enrich each other, it's fantastic.

Like my favorite album of all time, Dance Gavin Dance's Downtown Battle Mountain II. Tons and tons of stuff layered on top of each other in a brilliant way.

Of course then I can also love something a lot more simple like the Avett Brothers. But that's got layers as well, harmonies and parts that fit together. And then with the simple music, the songwriting is even more important.

What bugs me with country and pop music is they come up with a hook, pound that into your head, and half ass the rest of it. Yeah it might be catchy but it's not all that interesting. Kind of like drawing a circle versus painting a picture.

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