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07-14-2006, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
Wrong Dude:

First of all it's not the French PR spin, it's the Zidane spin. Remember his interview, he made himself the victim. All of this to take the focus off the fact that he let his team down.

Second, this is another bogus statement I have heard lately, that the sending of had no bearing on the result. Of coarse it did, when you team leader and top penalty shot taker has been kicked out of the game, it affects the moral of the team. Maybe Trezequet wouldn't of missed. Who knows, once the event has taken place it alters all that happens after.
Alright, so lets say we lived in a perfect world..... if we did, Italy would have won the match before penalties.... they scored a second goal that was wrongfully called backed.... there is a passive offside rule in football.... if you are offside and you don't touch the ball, the play goes on.... the Italian player that was offside did not touch the ball.... the one that did (Toni I think) was not offside.... that goal should have stood.... if it did, then applying your logic, the Zidane incident would have never happened....

Now, forget about the foul that was not called in the box because the first one that was given was not a legitimate foul either.... in the end, Italy comes out the champion anyway, no?

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