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07-14-2006, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
If you would of read my earlier post you would know that I am a fan of the Azzurri and thought the victory was deserved. That not my point.

I was just pointing out that saying that Zidane's sending off had no bearing on the result is also part of the spin cycle. His sending off can only be viewed as negative as to the impact to his team.

I know that was not your point, but what I was saying was that in a perfect world, which is was the setting for your argument, the second goal would have not been called back and the Zidane incident would never have happened....

You are saying Zidane on the pitch would have led others to perceive a chance for France to win, well in a perfect world maybe he and Materazzi both would have been carded if the insults were that bad.... but then again, in a perfect world Italy would have been leading 2-1 and penalty kicks or that incident might have never happened....

That's the way I took what you said anyway....

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