Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ducks sign Fasth to Two-Year Extension
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02-21-2013, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
This has been beaten to death already, was it okay to let Beauch go? No. Was the trade itself acceptable? Yes. At the time, Lupul had no spot in our lineup, he wasn't performing great, and Fowler's emergence along with other defensive prospects we had allowed us to make that move.
The trade isn't acceptable IMO because it never had to be made. I cut Murray a slack when he moved Lupul because Lupul was always injured here, and Carlyle didn't do a very good job of using him. Still I don't cut Murray ANY slack on this move because it's a move that should have never had to happen. That's 100% on him.

Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
After the playoff run that Sutton had with Ottawa the previous year, I really don't think anyone expected him to fall off from the number four spot we were hoping he could take over. That was not a bad move. That was a player not working out on the team.
Are you kidding me? You're telling me that Murray should base his evaluation off of one playoff performance instead of the entire rest of his career? Aside from one playoff series, Sutton had never shown he could handle a top 4 role. That was a horrible move. Again, Murray counting on a player to handle a role he had never proved capable. This wasn't some rookie. This was an aged vet who had one over achieving playoff performance. It wasn't a bad move, it was a horrible move that killed us that year. I don't see how you call it "a player not working out on a team" when he had never shown he could handle such a role for an extended period of time (on any team he played for).

Originally Posted by PuqTalk View Post
********. It's not really his fault if either or both decide to walk. As far as I'm concerned, we don't even need to entertain the idea of trading either. Period.

Sure, it'd be amazing to get both of them locked up before the off-season. But let's focus on the season at hand first and foremost. You don't deal either of them when we're in the playoff hunt.
Murray's evaluation is based off performance of the team. A nice prospect pool is great, but it's team performance that decides how a GM is doing. I never said Murray should trade them. I'm implying that his fate could very well be determined about how things go with those two. They walk, and we rebuild IMO. Part of a GMs job is convincing FA's to stay or sign. If in a span of 3 years he: loses the two superstars because they don't want to re-sign, he loses arguably their top prospect because he didn't want to be here, and he trades one of our best prospects for a player he could have just re-signed (that wanted to stay). Well that's a pretty big **** up. Regardless of reasoning, it falls on Murray. Was it Carlyle's fault that the team didn't buy into what he taught? He proved (and currently is with another team) that he's a very good coach. No it's not his fault, but he gets the blame. Same for Murray.

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