Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ducks sign Fasth to Two-Year Extension
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02-22-2013, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by OccupySheen View Post
We should bring back Brian Burke
Lol that was weird timing for you to say that. What color am I thinking of?

Originally Posted by OccupySheen View Post
Beauch was coming off of major knee surgery, and he DID struggle with the leafs for a while, also how did Anaheim have the money? they were trying to become a more offensive team, Sutton had a great run w/Ottawa before we signed him how could Anaheim have predicted he'd fall off so much, and wouldn't fit the system?
I'm not going to go over specfics of how we could have afforded him because I am not going to track down those roster moves again. However, I (and someone else, Snark I think?) went over the numbers in specific detail that season and it was close. With a few small maneuvers it ended up being something like 750k difference? Yes Beauchemin did struggle there in Toronto. However, he struggled the entire time he was there. I think it was more based on Wilson's system rather than health, but obviously that's pure speculation on my part. I'm taking into fact that he played well pretty quickly upon returning here.

Becoming more offensive is fine, but you don't create a giant hole in your top 4 to do so. That's asinine. Sutton's issue was definitely not just system. Did he fall off? Or did he just simply revert back to what he had been his entire career with the exception of that playoff run, a bottom pairing defenseman? IMO you judge a guy based on what he's done most of his career, not one playoff run.

Originally Posted by OccupySheen View Post
Of course losing Gardiner sucked, but he is currently 8th on the leafs depth chart, you know how we know his value is decreasing? Leaf fans are offering him up all over the place

I don't know how you place him 8th. He'll be back up soon. Regardless though, he's still a terrific prospect, that could of in the very least fetched us a bigger piece.

Most Leaf fans here are clueless. I don't judge any Leaf player based on their comments, because there's too many clueless ones.

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