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02-22-2013, 12:38 AM
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Only been playing for a little less than 2 years, here is every stick I have ever used:

Bauer TotalOne LE (87 flex, P08 curve (Ovechkin))
Got this stick back in November on cyber monday, I absolutely love this stick. This ovechkin curve is insane. I have never used this curve before, so it took a couple of sessions to get used to it, but I found that this stick/curve helped me with my accuracy and power. I have no problem going top shelf (in fact, sometimes I shoot over the crossbar). I can shoot the puck pretty much wherever I aim. When taking a slap shot, puck comes off the blade very quickly. The totalone shaft feels great, very light and responsive, but also very durable at the same time. Puck handling feels great, and passing with this stick is no problem at all. Probably the best overall stick I have ever used.

Easton S19 (85-100 flex, Heatley curve)
This was one of my favorite sticks. Got it from the Sharks equipment sale back in June 2012, the blade ended up breaking during one of my games in August 2012. Didn't have any flex number on it, but it felt closer to 100 flex. When shooting with this stick, you can definitely feel the low kick point, as the puck would come off screaming. Great for wrist shots and slap shots. Passing and stick handling were pretty good (although not as great as the total one). Just wish this stick was a little more durable, but nonetheless still a great shooter's stick.

Easton Stealth RS (100+ flex, Handzus curve)
After reading such great reviews and seeing that almost every other player in the NHL last season was using this stick, my expectations were pretty high. This was another stick I bought from the Sharks sale at the same time. This is a pro-stock, Michal Handzus stick. I didn't see any flex number on the shaft, but it definitely feels more than 100 flex. It has a square toe, although I am not a fan of the square toe. It is very light, and probably one of the best stick handling sticks I have ever used, but my shot is awful with this stick. I have a very hard time getting some height and speed on my shot. I think most likely the stick is too stiff, and would be more beneficial with another curve.

Easton S15 (85 flex, Getzlaf curve)
This is a solid stick for the price. Currently my backup stick. Shooting feels good, I would have to add that slap shots felt a little bit better than wrist shots. I have some trouble aiming my wrist shots with this stick. It could be the Getzlaf square toe. Shaft doesn't feel too heavy. Doesn't shoot as nice or fast as the S19/TotalOne, but still a pretty good stick for the price.

Reebok 10K (85 flex, Rahimi curve)
Another pro-stock stick. Good, solid stick. Felt light. Shooting and passing felt pretty good with it. Just wish it was a little more durable, as it only last a little longer than a month. Ended up breaking during a game, I was clearing the puck on PK and the blade decided to follow the puck down the rink.

Bauer One20 (87 flex, Backstrom curve)
First stick I bought when I started playing. Pretty heavy (as compared to top-end sticks), but it's not gonna break. Passing and stick handling are decent with this stick. Shooting is pretty solid. Definitely a beginner stick though.

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