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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post

Even with cap-troubles, I seriously doubt Weiss is going to go for the exact same contract. He'll definitely look for a raise and a team will give it to him.
This is going to be the issue with the Sharks. They don't have the money to sign the players they need, regardless of the source. Assuming they fill their fourth line and a spare with approproiate players (a spare from Worcester, Desjardins at ~700,000, Burish, and then either Galliardi or a UFA at ~800,000), the team will have around 5.5 million to fill two 3rd line-spots, and one second-line spot.

The best hope is that Galliardi and Sheppard can claim those spots, because then you can get a bit of a discount. For example, since at best Sheppard is a longshot to be able to get 2nd-line-duty, you could probably get both on the 3rd line for 3 million. That doesn't give you enough to sign a quality 2nd-liner.

My bet would be that Sheppard takes that 3rd line spot at around 1.1-1.3, and the Sharks have to get a 2nd and third liner player from free agency. If they went league minimum on the 3rd liner, they'd have just enough to get a good 2nd liner who wasn't in a bidding war. If they get in a bidding war, they'll have to settle for Miettinen or Brunner...I'm hoping they could snag someone like Weiss or Gagne for a reasonable price.

On the positive, the rest of the league is going to be facing these same issues.

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