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02-22-2013, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by rockjngo View Post
I think our defense needs some work.

Defensemen we should replace:
Markov- I don't think he's the same Markov everyone thinks he is. At least not anymore, he's slower, too many 2-1 breaks. The book on him is he doesn't shoot the puck in the powerplay so everyone knows there's not need to cover Markov. At $5,750,000 with a modified NTC, its very hard to move Markov. Moving him would change the atmosphere in the back end and allow PK Subban to lead this team. Luckily he's only got a 1 year left on his contract.

Kaberle- A huge waste of roster and cap space. At $4,250,000, its really hard to move him this year. We might end up buying him out in the summer. Unless a team is really desperate come trading deadline.

Gorges- I am not a fan of Gorges. He's very limited in terms of puck skills and creativity in the offensive zone. He's not a strong guy nor does he block that many shots. At $3,900,000 and a full NTC it's a pipe dream to move him.

Defensemen we should keep:
Subban- I'm wondering why he isn't leading this team in icetime. He's big and strong and can pretty much do anything. He's quick and has a blast from the point. I believe we are under using Subban.

Diaz-Though I'm not a fan of Diaz, I think he moves the puck very well. A very smart player in both ends of the ice. Rarely do I see him turn the puck over. We can use more players like Diaz but bigger.

Bouillon-I'm a Bouillon fan, he's small but he's build like a ox. I notice this is a very different Bouillon than the lost time he was here. He moves the puck very well out of our zone and hits when needed. Too bad he's 37.

Emelin- is a very good 6th defenseman, I like his size and the way he plays the game. He's also among the league's top hitters. We need this time of player for the playoffs.
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