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Originally Posted by The Zetterberg Era View Post
A lot of us are rooting for some different team right now, the Red Griffins and they stink right now and their coach doesn't look like he has a clue what he is doing.

I hate the Holland and Babcock should be fired stuff. But they need to answer some serious questions right now, not be fired but I want a plan and they should be on notice. If we are having the same excuses early into next season some things are going to need to change. The coaching questions need to be answered now on at least what the hell he is thinking half the time.

The defense of Lashoff is one of them. I know you want to cut Lashoff some slack but they are putting him in a position to fail and we need results. The playoffs are slipping away and he doesn't have to be accountable for anything? That doesn't scan, I am generally on the happy side of things. But this is a fair thread and most of these are fair questions that need to be asked.
I'm watching this team and throwing my hands up in the air. I really don't understand Holland's rationale and gameplan.
I have no idea what the hell Babcock is doing.
I mean, if he hates Kindl, fine, I can understand that even if I disagree. But what's with the overuse of Lashoff?

Maybe coach has a good reason for barely using Tootoo and Tatar when they're often among the top 5 forwards on the team.
I'd like to hear it.

And I'd like to know when the sports media became so complacent? Can we at least get some columnists with the ability to drive by and ask some tough questions?

Really, if all the sports media is going to do is TELL US WHAT THE RED WINGS ARE SAYING ... what good are they?

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