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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post

Ryan (2) Mikkelsson (31) (could've drafted James Neal) Bailey (63) could've had Quick or Russell, Bolt (127), Salcido (141), Levasseur (197)

Mitera (19)...Giroux was picked next. Swan (38) Lucic, Petry, Anisimov, McBain passed up. De Gray (83), Beleskey (112) Wirtanen (172)

MacMillan (19) over Pacioretty, Backlund, and Perron. Eric Tangradi (42), Subban was selected next and from the same team. Macenauer (63) Vaive and Kampfer (92 and 93) instead of Martinez, Omark, Frattin, King, Falk, Halishuk. Modig (121) over Jamie Benn.

Not one solid NHLer from that draft.

2008: The one year Burke made some okay picks, but he STILL could've had a better draft.

1.) Jake Gardiner. (17) Trade down from 12 where Tyler Myers was selected. Karlsson went 15th. Jordan Eberle went 4 picks later.
2.) Nic Deschamps (35) something about him having like 37 points in 54 games. Or something. and Eric O'Dell (39) when we could've had our pick of two of Josi, Wiercioch, Adam, Stepan, Hamonic, or even Scandella.
2.) Justin Schultz a good pick, but he was the third of three second round picks Burke made, so I'm not so sure how confident Burkie was in his talent. And the way it worked out for us. I would've been happier with Stepan or Hamonic.
Brittain (71) Cousineau (83) McMIllan (85) Hegarty (113) Warg (143) Pryor (208)
Well I've never liked BB drafting but the GM is more or less responsilbe for round 1 the rest is under heavy influence by the scouting. Being older has some good things as well, that's how I remember the drafts.

2005: he wanted Bobby after the interview (the best he ever had with a prospect) couldn't trade down and took him at #2; Mikkelson > Neal was a safe thing back then. Mikkelsson was a projected first rounder, Neal a physical questionmark. The funny thing, Neal was a prototype Burke player in my opinion. And Levasseur had starter potential due to some scouts.

2006: Mitera, well, I still think this pic was good, the ACL destroyed him. Grioux was not a Burke type of player, that's it, and noone ever expected him to be so good.

2007: This was an interessting draft. Our scouts loved David Perron Burke took MacMillan, who again was more the type of players he like. Big more physical. Perron again was on the small side and of a risky pic while MacMillan was more of a sure thing. Funny isn't it!

2008: Gardiner was off the board a little bit but quite ok. The big mistake and what I still don't understand. All, really all had us taking Myers and BB said there are 12 players and then there was a clear cut in talent. Myers was all he asked for. Big, talented and NA. Trading down brought us Deschamps who was also projected as a firstrounder, O'Dell was a litte surprise and Schultz who was a pure scouts pic, extremly smallish but talented. Overall Burke brought in some interessting assets but just few turned out to be solid.

To sum it up, I'm really pleased that Bob is in charge now and that he built a great scouting team. We will see how good his pics will turn out. So far Cam has been great, Holland and Palmeri good. On the rest, the judges are still out. To complain about players we should have drafted instead, well, we would not have Getzlaf and Perry then. Teams/GM pass on players for certain reasons. You always take a gamble.

Out of all time, I think the current front office is the best the Ducks ever had. Bryan Murray was very good but I think Bob and his team around is great. Honestly, this is not NHL2013. Anaheim is not the hottest destination for FA, the team has an internal CAP and has to rely on drafting.

FA: was solid so far over the last years
Drafting: very good
CAP Management: there is nothing to complain about
Coaching: He was loyal to Carlyle - I thought that was classy, he brought in BB quickly, another good move

Bob deals the media and the fans weaker than BB or Bryan Murray, I can live with that but I understand that leaves a questionmark on him. Bruce is taking a lot of this off him now. So he is even a better fit as a coach Brian Burke, even if it is for a short period of time will be a good addition. I always thought he knows what it takes to make a contender a winner. The last piece, that's the strenght of Brian Burke. So, if Bob can talk to him about this it is great. I also think that Burke can be instrumental to sign both, Getzlaf and Perry!

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