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02-22-2013, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by The Fading Captain View Post
I'm watching this team and throwing my hands up in the air. I really don't understand Holland's rationale and gameplan.
I have no idea what the hell Babcock is doing.
I mean, if he hates Kindl, fine, I can understand that even if I disagree. But what's with the overuse of Lashoff?

Maybe coach has a good reason for barely using Tootoo and Tatar when they're often among the top 5 forwards on the team.
I'd like to hear it.

And I'd like to know when the sports media became so complacent? Can we at least get some columnists with the ability to drive by and ask some tough questions?

Really, if all the sports media is going to do is TELL US WHAT THE RED WINGS ARE SAYING ... what good are they?
We have our disagreements, but I am 100% with you on this one. The beat writers need to ask some of this stuff. I know the injuries stink and they can point that out, but they are being flat out coached and the answers from within aren't completely panning out. It isn't out of bounds at all to ask some tougher questions and get some answers. When Babcock says guys aren't showing up ask him who and if he doesn't tell you trash him for it. God forbid things don't go well in Sochi, he is going to be one unhappy dude because no pass is coming there and for the record I don't think things will go well for Canada at the next Olympics so I am at least pretty sure he is going to have to face the music with media at some point in the next year. Holland can also get some heat, I don't think he wants to function as a guy that is micromanaging but he is Babcock's boss and these are his players, he cannot just sit on the sidelines if he has a problem with this either.

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