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02-22-2013, 04:46 AM
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Beach Clean I don't know how hard this is to get across but the reason we are talking about Garrison here is because this thread is about Garrison.

If you want to have a discussion comparing the different defensemen then make a separate thread.

You say I'm biased because I put down Garrison but don't put down others or hold them to the same standard. That might have some validity if the point of the thread was some general discussion about the Canuck defensemen. But the point of the thread is to discuss Garrison as player - not Garrison relative to others. That is simply changing the topic

If the topic was a comparison of defensemen then I would say several of the Canuck defenseman have had some pretty rough games and rightfully have come in for some criticism. But I think illogical to say that the play of others somehow makes poor play by Garrison acceptable.

Also, you talk l about over-blown statement but then say that "everyone is looking like crap". First, if this was really true the team would not have anything like the record it has. Yes, there have been periods of poor play by the defensemen but there have also been some very good play. Second, I guess if everyone is looking like crap then Garrison is looking like crap. This kind of defeats all your statistical analysis that tries to suggest Garrison is playing well. Can you see the contradiction???

I did not see all the game tonight so it is hard to be too definitive but from what I saw I agree with those who think Garrison played better. He seemed to really be trying to get up in the play and provide support. I think he could have jumped a little quicker on Ryder on the second goal but I did think he was reacting better to situations than in previous games.

I hope that Garrison forces me to eat my words and that he starts to fulfill the hopes the Canucks have here. But I think up to this point the criticism of Garrison and the worries about his contract are absolutely justified.

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