Thread: Injury Report: Cal Clutterbuck UPD: Placed on IR
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02-22-2013, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by valkynax View Post
Nux fan here, was watching the last bit of your game just for the hell of it and saw...THAT.

watched Hall's reaction after game on tsn as well, and I have to say his response is a bit...unnerving.

he doesn't seem sorry - he's not happy about the penalty.

" i could have hit him in the head; that thought crossed my mind; and I really didn't want to bury him."

I...really don't know what to say about that...remark. -_-
To be fair he did say some more things with regards to that specific line.

" i could have hit him in the head; that thought crossed my mind; and I really didn't want to bury him, to bad. I just thought that the puck was right there, and for that instance he was a little bit vulnerable but I didn't want to catch him with his head down, or hit him in the head, I just wanted to get a piece of him and hopefully get the puck back.

There's a lot that goes into the game, I mean the game is so fast that you have to make a decision in a split second. I made the decision to go in and hit him. I didn't feel like I lead with my knee, I have been hit like that before and it's not a good feeling."

In the end I agree that it wasn't pretty and it he may face a suspension for it but I do think he was trying to lead with his hip. The "problem" was that he avoided a full frontal hit which would have been a hit to the head seeing as Clutterbuck had his head down. After the decision to hit was made I think that it could have gone down the way it did, or it would have been a big hit to the head.

I don't think he meant for the hit to be bad but sometimes this happens and Clutterbuck himself is no angel when it comes to borderline hits (and I don't think he should be).

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