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02-22-2013, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Landeslog View Post
Also, the cheap seats are cheaper
That's a big factor, as is the fact that the Nuggets have been the more successful franchise in recent years, getting to the playoffs on a consistent basis (and not doing much more, granted). It's surprising the attendance figures don't have a larger disparity, given we're comparing a perennial playoff team with cheaper tickets to a pricier ticket team that has had two lottery pick tank seasons and one playoff appearance in the last 4 years, without much optimism that success looms on the horizon. I suspect a similar run of mediocrity and ineptitude would have a greater detrimental impact on the Nuggets than it has for the Avs, ticket prices aside.

Of course the reason for this is past success. Even if people "jumped on the bandwagon" during the Sakic, Forsberg, Roy years, dedicated fans who still follow the Avs today were born of it.

Success is a huge factor. The town was over the moon for the Rockies during their World Series run. Then they crashed back to earth and resumed being a middling franchise, and they correspondingly faded back to public irrelevance.

The Avs would be a hot ticket pretty quickly if they generated sustained success again. But I still find it ethically objectionable that the Kroenke's insist on charging ticket prices as if this were still a franchise competing for the Cup every year yet they are unwilling to make a financial commitment to get them back to that level. I can understand fiscal restraint, but it should be reciprocated in what they make people pay to see their product.

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