Thread: Injury Report: Cal Clutterbuck UPD: Placed on IR
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02-22-2013, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
To be fair he did say some more things with regards to that specific line.

" i could have hit him in the head; that thought crossed my mind; and I really didn't want to bury him, to bad. I just thought that the puck was right there, and for that instance he was a little bit vulnerable but I didn't want to catch him with his head down, or hit him in the head, I just wanted to get a piece of him and hopefully get the puck back.

There's a lot that goes into the game, I mean the game is so fast that you have to make a decision in a split second. I made the decision to go in and hit him. I didn't feel like I lead with my knee, I have been hit like that before and it's not a good feeling."

In the end I agree that it wasn't pretty and it he may face a suspension for it but I do think he was trying to lead with his hip. The "problem" was that he avoided a full frontal hit which would have been a hit to the head seeing as Clutterbuck had his head down. After the decision to hit was made I think that it could have gone down the way it did, or it would have been a big hit to the head.

I don't think he meant for the hit to be bad but sometimes this happens and Clutterbuck himself is no angel when it comes to borderline hits (and I don't think he should be).
Bottom line. He DID lead with his knee and he caught Clutter's knee/thigh area as the primary point of contact. I don't get his stupid "could've hit him in the head" comments at all. That's some awkward **** right there.

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