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02-22-2013, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Why are people acting like The Undertaker's fighting ability is some kind of a negative? He doesn't have to use this skill. Again, think back to Beukebom. He could fight (though not as well as McIlrath), but he did it only rarely and when it was the right time. I see no reason why McIlrath can't do the same thing in his career.

Do you remember when Gabby got his butt whooped and nobody defended him? Not only will he be defended when McI is here, nobody would so much as dare to touch Gabby knowing that kid is on the bench or on the ice.
Or like our other prospect, Sammy Noreau, who doesn't fight anymore because everyone is scared of him. If McIlrath picks his spots, his great fighting ability is a big plus. He does scrap at some inopportune times--he's still very young, so it's to be expected--but he also sticks up for his teammates more than any prospect we've had in our system for quite a long time.

When McIlrath is on the ice, guys know not to take liberties with our players, because if they do McIlrath will beat the **** out of them or one of their players.


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