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02-22-2013, 07:44 AM
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Jarick, you're nuts man, but you prolly know that.

Here's my list, in chronological order:

1st year: Being kinda clueless, buying *****:
1) CCM V04 Wood SR - knew nothing about the stuff, I didn't tape the blade on the top on it for the first few weeks... It died due to roller hockey on asphalt...
2) RBK 4K 85, 11 - flat curve, almost no loft - Cut it too much, was a ***** to flex for my small frame, but I had a deadly backhand with it. My wristers sucked though. Donated to my teams equipment pool
3) CCM V06 85, Sakic - Still too stiff, my wristers were getting better with this one, but I hated it for some reason. Donated.
4) Reebok 4K 85, Sakic - Still too stiff, best wristers up to this point. Heavy as hell though, donated.

2nd year:
5) Warrior Bentley 65, Draper - First try with an INT, and I loved this stick. Improved my game all around. It was donated cause I got my Dolo Spyne.
6) Warrior Dolo Spyne 65, Draper - Had it on a bankrupcy sale. Awesome stick, great puck feel, first time I was able to stickhandle head up, loved it to death. And death came cause the blade was made of glass.
6) Warrior Dolo Dragon 75, Draper - Bought it on the same sale, but actually did not use until recently. Great stick, and I was able to use the flex. Awesome shots, slightly worse puck feel than the Spyne. Guess what, blade broke.
7) CCM CL 65, Sakic - Hated it first, because the blade is rigid as hell (pingy), so collected dust for 2 years. Now it is my game stick, awesome shots due to the rigid blade, but needs really soft hands for pass receiving. Puck feel is not excellent, but a good trade off for hard shots.

3rd year:
8) Easton ST 2009 65, Sakic - Never used, bought dirt cheap on a summer sale
9) Easton ST 2010 65, Sakic - Never used, bought dirt cheap on a summer sale
10) 2 x Bauer TO Shaft, 65 + 2 x Bauer TO Blade, P92 - Bought primarily for roller play, and they're def better than my old wood V04 was... , great clappers, puck feel is mediocre.

4th year:
11) Easton RS, 65 flex, Hall curve - Birthday gift. Probably the best allround stick I've ever used, great shot, great puck feel, and awesome on receiving passes. Lasted almost 7 months of play (2-3 times/week), and countless practice shots at home. I am thinking about getting a few on sale, even though I still have a few sticks never used...

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