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02-22-2013, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Yeah it's not any danish blowout season yet that is for sure. At least it wasn't a no point night, because we have had quite a few of those! But it's not really bad either (except right now for the Regin situation).

But the Frans Nielsen goal is really good....he gets the puck from the Montreal player behind his own goal, then goes around it and finds Bailey with a long pass then continues up the ice receives it back from Bailey and find the net with a shot!
This goal has a beautiful simplicity - no fancy stuff just good passing and right positioning.
Regin didn't play, but for the latvians Daugavins scored in the shootout (as 7'th shooter) and secured an Ottawa victory. Doesn't count as a point in the NHL though.
Ahh it's just my opinion..

I think it is bad..

Eller is still only trusted with 3rd 4th line minutes.. and I don't know how long he can keep up appearences as he had a bad game yesterday.

Larsen playing much less than last year, allot of minus games and no offensive contribution.

Regin once again injured and out for a long time, when healthy not exactly booming in TOI.

Frans Nielsen, yeah he has an ok amount of points, but so did he lst year and the year before.. Back then he also had a respectable +- rating.. Not the case today!

Hansen is doing good, he has been really good, and im not just saying this because im a nuck. But he has found his niche, and has stuck to it.

Boedker - he is my biggest ? PHO fans say he is the best every night but he is still lacking in points.. They all seem to think he 1. Does not shoot enough and 2. is too fast and good for his teammates.

I like Pho, but I would love to see Boedker unweil his real potential on an offensive superteam!

So to me, it is really not looking great..

Couple that with the fact that Andersen's road to NHL is looking more narrow by the day!

And the abysmal performance at OGQ.

I am dissapointed, and reserve the right to be so, before certain people come stompin and yelling about people being to negative

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