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Originally Posted by Reini29 View Post
Barkov is the best 2-way player in FEL. There's no question about it. I think his defensive skills are better than his offensive skills. Definitely a future selke-candidate, especially if his offense translates to enough points. Many people are wondering if he's got what it takes offensively, but im sure he'll be 2nd line caliber in that aspect. Not the same type of player, but his value in NHL will be similar to Patrice Bergeron IMO.

I dont know if he is ready for NHL next season but i hope he stays in FEL to improve his speed and strenght. Then when he goes overseas he's ready to be an effective #3 defensive center and climb his way up from there.
We share differend views about his offensive upside. He isn't very flashy player but he does things very effectively in the offensive zone. He has quite bit better potential in hockeyIQ, vision, hands, reach and strength than Mikko Koivu had for example. People are wondering if his offensive game will translate in to NHL? He scores most of his goals around the net or sniping it in like clear majority of NHL goals are scored that will translate for sure. His playmaking is simple but effective with quick decision with the puck, the quality of the passes are excellent. Barkov does alot of 1 touch passes to the scoring areas he is that kind of player who seem to have eyes on his back at times. I have no worries that Barkov has no problems to adjust his offensive game in smaller rink. He looked very good for 16 year old at WJC in alberta. IMO 16 year Barkov with limited role looked better than 17 year old MacKinnon with limited role. Other thing is his consistency. Barkov doesen't have many games without points this year. Barkov is very consistent player offensively. Might be most consistent player in FEL this year in offensive production.

To me he has potential to be much better than he already is. His legs are still getting used to his huge frame even though it have been much better but he can be good to excellent skater when his legs get little bit more strength, his body haven't matured yet despite being 6'3 and 210ish. Ville Nieminen stated that this guy has only scratched the surface of his physical potential. When considering that he is too strong for fully matured and experienced FEL defenders at age of 17 not sure how strong he can be once he hits his full physical maturity sky is the limit.

My prediction that Barkov might not be the player who competes for hart trophy. But with his offensive tools, constitency, Physical tools, simple and effective game with clever and quick decisions i could see him being 70-90point and 30-40 goal player (depending on his linemates) for very long time of his career with elite defensive game. He has alot of hidden potential in him, if he can add another gear and explosiveness in him then he can be superstar offensively. That is just what i see his potential. At worst i think Barkov is 50-60point player with elite defensive game like Jordan Staal. Barkov is just 17 year old destroying all the point and goal records in FEL. Already #1C of his team and one of the best players in entire league. Noway his offensive potential is as low as average 2nd line player. I think that it is close to his floor.

My main point is that every league has the style of game. Some players might have problems to adapt in that game. Barkov plays the offensive game which will work in every league. The smaller space and less time will highlight his strengths which are quick smooth hands in the traffic, strength, quick decisions with the puck, quick release in his heavy shot and quality of his passes. Barkov is best at crowded areas like near the goal hitting rebounds in or giving quick 1 touch passes and those areas are crucial scoring areas in the NHL and Barkov is at home in these areas. His linemates will have impact on his career numbers but induvidually his developement of skating will pretty much tell about his offensive upside. He is still 17 year old with big frame so there is alot of room to grow but if his developement would stop right now then i would maybe agree with you but if you look at his skating last year compare and watch him now there is huge difference. If he has similar developement at next summer then we can talk about pretty good skater. He is 17 and there is room to grow in everything.

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