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02-22-2013, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Arg c'mon on now VikingNucks We have four guys at or around 0,5 ppg. One of them despite being on the fourth line the most of the year.

Frans Nielsens' ppg is higher. Jannik Hansens' is at roughly the same and his gpg is slightly higher. Lars Ellers' ppg is higher. Boedkers gpg is higher. Regin has been plagued by injuries and has pr. expectations done well. Only disappointment IMO is Philip Larsen. Not enough to make it a bad year already.

I think you're focusing on the bad stuff.

One night doesn't make a year

Well not due shoulder or lack of quality... so no biggie.

Due to a one game suspension. Hardly anything that ruins a season.

What else would they be but a player? Not sure I'm getting this right. Nice goal by Nielsen btw.

Well despite being on the lower lines he has 7 points in 15 games. That's great. Look at the bright side
Originally Posted by Bank View Post
... Ah well that if it's in that perspective that do indeed cast a dark shadow over this year.

Haha im harsh I know, but that's how I see it..

It's a mix of players underperforming on key areas and teams some of them not really getting a chance.

Regin not playing wasn't my buff. my buff was him being injured AGAIN, and once more diminishing his chance of being a NHL mainstay.

with regards to the player? part it says - player (Minus)

Eller has been good, but he still keeps on getting lower line minutes, so in his case im hoping he get's out.. Im not expecting more of Eller as I don't believe he has been given the chance.

Larsen - For some reason he is not trusted this year, and this is reflected in his confidence, which affects his play - ergo he is a minus player.

Nielsen is doing ok, but his niche has ALWAYS been good +- stats and great defense, and judging only by that.. He is underperforming.. But so are the rest of the team.

But his D has been poor in the games iv'e watched

As I wrote I know Hansen is suspended, but that just added to my overall dissatisfaction

Boedker - Well what I wrote im getting from the PHO boards, so yeah.

And no, One night is not a year.. But I have been pretty dis-satisfied overall some of my dis-satisfaction lies with the players and some with the team's that "own" them.

Once again, this is just my opinion I understand some may disagree.. But that is my take on it

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