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02-22-2013, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
Because the GM is responsible for bringing these guys in. Do you want us to get the guys with the whip and drums in Ben Hur's rowing scene as coaches to get 100% out of them?
Obviously, but it's not like most of them are known to have compete problems before they come here. That was my point.

Originally Posted by Corto View Post
I really stopped buying the effort thing years ago.

The effort might've been an issue in 2007, when the team was obviously good enough to beat anyone... Then they took half a game off, and still came back to beat people 7-3 etc. (God those were good times, every game was freaking exciting as hell)

But really, the rosters since simply weren't good enough to do anything with them (outside of Miller's freak year, which coincided with Myers' rookie year and Hecht, Goose and Grier leading the PK #1 in the league).

This current roster is so mediocre, it's simply mindnumbing that people can't see through it.

Worse, while our prospect pool is decent, it really is nothing to write home about... For example, they're ranked 13th on HF, but even that might be a bit too high.

IMO, it's time for a breaking point. Ruff's gone, now do away with Regier and hopefully they do no silly 8-game winning streaks in March to catch 10th, but stay rock bottom and get MacKinnon or Jones.
Half a season really isn't too much to pay for a potential franchise revival, seeing as how Pittsburgh took 5 years of sucking and Edmonton is still in suck mode.
I still think that effort is a problem. Look back to how they were playing last year during their run. Or, go watch any college hockey game. Or, watch other teams in the NHL. These guys don't move their feet enough, and that's especially true of the forwards with respect to defensive play.

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