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02-22-2013, 08:03 AM
with the 10th pick..
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not sure how an argument can be made that the lockout effected us more than any other given team. if ALL teams were struggling, then yes. but this smacks of just another random excuse as to why we are under performing.

torts is an easy guy to dislike from a fan perspective. hes snarly and arrogant. at the same time, if he wins, all that is overlooked. sports is about winning.

look at tiger woods. hes a complete azzhat, i mean a real clown to the media, fans and obviously in his personal life. but when he won he was feared and respected. all the warts were ignored. winning trumps everything else.

personally, i dont care for torts. never did. but aside from that, if we win games and compete hard every night im with him. im a ny rangers fan not a torts fan.

however, watching games recently has been difficult. i find myself flipping channels and being pissed off. they dont look good losing. heck, they havent looked all that great winning either. maybe 10 really good periods all season by my count.

the pp, the silly decisions, the listlessness and boring style they play, and the lack of any real offensive push is numbing. offensively, this team looks clueless.

this team has the horses. this is a solid team. if they continue to under perform and lose games like they have, the excuses will eventually begin to be less effective and the fire torts death march should begin.

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