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02-22-2013, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by dean youngblood82 View Post bad is this team playing right now? It's a flashback to October and November when players stopped working and skating. With the exception of a few players, this team just isn't skating or fighting for any pucks. It has to be extremely frustrating for JP Anderson with his teammates not playing hard in front of him.

The Greyhounds played a strong game. I noticed that the Sting had difficulty creating anything offensively mainly because the forwards would pull up once they gained the offensive blueline rather than take pucks hard to the net. The Greyhounds were constantly hustling back taking away any late passing options for the player that pulled up at the blueline. It was quite evident that the Soo was aware that Sarnia likes to use this strategy to hit the high guy coming in and prepared for it with simple hustling on the back check. Simple hockey.

It will be interesting to see how Sarnia does against the Otters, one of the OHL's weaker teams.
Offense did suffer tonight but holy smokes,DeAngelo and Basso stunk the building out on D.OHL made a scoring mistake, instead of 2 assist to DeAngelo,he got 5 assist with 3 for assisting the Soo. Here a kid with lots of talent but lazier than a pet coon when coming back after missing the net a hundred times.Time for him to ride the pine again.Basso had zero drive with his -3 last night.Also Goldobin (-4 last night)has to get his $%^& together.He is so soft on players and D man keeping the puck in our own end.Yank off that first line until he gets the message.

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