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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
I agree but he isn't a rental and nothing says we won't keep half his cap hit then who wouldn't want a #1 (#2 at worse) defensemen for 3.3 million? That would easily return 1st + 1 or 2 good prospects.
I wrote this when I saw the clause in the CBA that allows a team to retain up to 50% of the cap/salary hit for three players at any one time.

IF you go rebuild (and I think that's where it's headed), then, if I'm Jay Feaster, I go to my billionaire owner and ask him for the o'k to exploit that clause in the CBA and get really aggressive on the rebuild:

1. Iginla gets moved. Seems like the return being discussed is a higher end (maybe not highest end) defensive prospect and a 1st.

2. J-Bo has a year after this at 6.6M. Put him on the trade market offering to eat half the cap hit. I know people like to do the 'J-Bo is soft' debate; I'm not going to get into that. Soft, not soft, you're talking a legit 25 minute a night top pairing defenseman being made available to top playoff teams for 2 cup runs and a friendly hit of 3.3M next year. What would Philly or Pittsburgh or any of the other teams fighting for the playoffs in the East pay for that? IMO, you put J-Bo out at 6.6M, and your trade options are limited. You put J-Bo out at 3.3M, and you get a better return that what you'll get for Iginla.

3. Mike Cammallerri has a year after this at 6M. He's not a part of things afterwards. Nobody is giving you much with that cap hit. BUT, what is Mike Cammallerri worth to teams at a 3M cap hit for two playoff runs. Any playoff competitor with a top six need and limited cap space will be all over it. IMO, at that price, you get a little more for a return than Iginla.

4. I'd consider moving Kipper. He's under contract at 5.85M for next year. He's 36. I'm guessing he doesn't have a ton of time left. If you put him out there at 2.925M, a boat load of playoff caliber teams would give a lot to get him. I'm thinking top goalie prospect, a 1st, and something else (it would approach what you'd get for J-Bo at 3.3M). EDIT: If you don't move Kipper, do a 50% deal on Sarich. One more year after this at 1M will appeal to some teams.

Iggy, J-Bo at 3.3M, Cammy at 3M, Kipper at 2.925M . . . IMO, IF Feaster did that, you'd walk out with 2-3 fair to good, younger roster player, 3-4 high to highest end prospects, FOUR 1st round picks (I think you get one for each at those half salaries), and even more.

Doing that would completely accelerate the rebuild. Yeah, 2013-2014 would blow, but the Flames would be one of the really fun young teams to watch in 2014-2015, like the Hawks, Pens, or Caps four to six years ago when all of their great young players were breaking into the league.

Originally Posted by Flamester View Post
I the flames decide to trade iginla , then I'm pretty sure they are going to blow the team up. That means bouwmeester will get traded forsure. I can see a first and a good prospect for him .
MORE if you make eating salaries part of the blowup as I explained.

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