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02-22-2013, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
Hodgson is NOT and never will be a first line centre--he gives the puck away too much, he lacks first line speed, and while no pushover has no edge to him. Play him on the second line because that is where he will or ought end up.
I disagree with your first sentence, but, regardless, Hodgson is 1st line on the Sabres because they lack a better option, and, more importantly, it is madness to think another NHL team would send BUF a legit #1 center, because, you know, #1 Centers are just so abundant.

Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
Stafford has to get off whatever soporific he is on.
I had to look up soporific. Kudos to you. I'm not a lexicographer, but it's rare I need help with vocabulary. No disagreement here.

Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
I do not like seeing our "enforcer" getting beat up--that demoralizes the team.
My view is Scott tried to fight (I believe unprovoked, but I did not see the behind-the-play develop) at the end of his shift, in a likely attempt to spark his team. So it backfired. He's not paid to score goals. He's doing what he's paid to do. To me, others on the team, not doing what they are paid to do, and when given way more ice time, is more demoralizing.

Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
It is time to play Grigs 20 minutes with linemates who fit in with what we want him to be.
So Grigs is Pierre Turgeon redux? Are those linemates on the team now? Ah, nevermind.

Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
We need a steady defenceman with wheels who can cover/recover when others screw up--from what I have seen of him that is Pysyk. He is not big and not physical but he does get in the way, he is not easily beaten one on one, and he can get back in position quickly if he loses position.

Give Miller a rest. Bring up Leggio and throw him in--not fair to Enroth who has not played enough to get thrown in here.
What? Enroth is the backup. He plays if Miller doesn't. "Not fair to Enroth?" "Not played enough to get thrown in there?" He's fairly paid to be an NHL backup goalie. Which he is fair at doing, save for a 5-hole wide as a fairway.

Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
Work the snot out of this team--they seem to lack gas. I am sorry but do not believe that over the summer they suddenly got slower than the Leafs (and every other team they have played lately). They need to see the play around them and react instantly--only high speed practices will get them back to doing this.

This year is short and the pain will not be as prolonged as in a full season--so start thinking medium and long term. I will accept losing if we have Grigs, Gergs, Pysyk, MacNabb, Leggio, getting some good developmental opportunities.
Aside from the better part of the first period against TOR, yes they were outskated, but I attribute the initial burst to emotion after the firing, as I similar attribute their later-period collapse. I agree they are routinely outworked. Nothing I've read or seen suggests Leggio is future-NHL-caliber. But, yes, let's get NHL time for all of them with an interim coach, rather than writing off the season, starting the coach search now, (and GM search if that's what Terry & Ted want), and bring the youngsters in to a fresh start atmosphere where the air is cleared and free-er of the malaise and "smell of death".

Originally Posted by Ted Black View Post
I don't get it.

The team is much better than what they're letting on. Look at the first ten minutes, it was a completely different team. Mother ****ing stafford was doing work along the boards, WINNING puck battles, creating chances. They were passing better. Much better. THEY HAD A BREAKOUT.

Then they just quit. Why?

I will never understood.

Agree with bolded. Emotional energy ran out.

Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
Your evaluation of how good those players are might be right on--but I do not like what I see on the team and would like to see what a hungry player or players without the multimillion millstone around his/their neck(s) might do given a chance. I sometimes rejected a more talented player on my teams for a guy who hated to lose and who worked his butts off. Ever watch the Sabres end their shifts? I would kick their ass for cruising to the bench on line changes...If they are tired they should have been off the ice sooner...
Agree. I don't have DVR so can't tell you when exactly, but Vanek, 1st period, stops skating and starts coasting at his own offensive (Leaf) blue line headed back to the Sabre bench. The Leaf fwds were all ready to cross the sabre blue line, and the toronto D were parallel with him moving up on the play, and he is not even moving his legs from the knee down in a half-stride. He's good for that a few times a game.

Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Looks like there was another "players-only" meeting:
Even odds they simply played a pre-recorded best-of montage rant from Lindy from prior games.

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