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02-22-2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
I can't see Kulemin being traded by the Leafs. The Pens would offer prospects/picks and those do nothing for the Leafs.

I honestly don't see the Leafs doing anything major during the trade deadline...Kulemin is very important to the Leafs defensively and on the PK.

The only winger I see being traded from the Leafs would be a guy like MacArthur for a 2nd round pick or around there. He would be good for the Pens, he's a 20 goal scorer and puts up ~45 points. If he's on a line with Malkin/Crosby, he should get like 50-55 points at least.
Thanks for bursting my bubble . . .

BTW, I don't disagree about Kulemin likely staying. Randy Carlyle likes a roster with two scoring lines, a true shut down line, and a fourth line comprised of specialists. It was his MO in Anaheim, and it's how he's set his lines in Toronto.

I too see MacArthur going first, because the odds are that any offers for Kulemin won't go much beyond the stat sheet.

My comment was less about what will happen than an expression of hope that Ray Shero would entertain giving Toronto value beyond the third line role Carlyle has given Kulemin (I doubt it).

Originally Posted by Le Magnifique 66 View Post
Kirk you know i'm not against Shero going out and getting Kulemin, but right now I just don't see it happening unless we overpay like crazy. Hope I'm wring and that Ray can find a way to fleece Nonnis
You're not going to fleece Nonis for him. He's got no reason to move him for the type of deal a 'fleecing' would be. Again, I was speaking more to the idea that giving the type of return that would make a majority of people here want to puke actually would prove to be a bargain when all was said and done.

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