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02-22-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post

On another note this fanbase has not been as bi-polar this year in wins in losses. I think the negativity and not holding our collective breath has been the standard for most of the season because at very few times this year has this team looked like a Cup contender. No one should have any reason thus far to get even remotely excited after a win or even a small string of them. To say this season has been a let down thus far would be a gross understatement. I don't see the overly positive and exaggerating comments we saw last year after wins. Most of the negativity has been consistent and warranted with the exception of a few who will always be bi-polar because that's just how they roll. Just like there will always be people who are supremely negative or the direct opposite. That is a definite minority, however. I think most of us have been pretty fair all things considered. We have a right to be upset at this team playing around .500 hockey right now, even if they can turn it around. Just because they can still theoretically go on a tear and take 1st in the East doesn't mean we cannot be critical and voice our concerns. A point lost on people year after year.
lol You know I agree here. We have all the components of a winning team. Nash, Gaborik (two elite scorers) Richards (elite playmaking center) right there you have a top line that should make other teams runaway. Our D and goal tending are the same as last year so no reasons we should be shutting down other teams and holding them to 1-2 goals max a game. I mean, last year we had trouble scoring but we at least held the other team off the score board so we only needed 1 or 2 goals to win. Now it just looks like they're lost out there and nothing and no one is clicking. It's frustrating to say the least. I'm trying to stay as positive as possible but with every game like last night it's getting harder and harder.

btw when Hank loses in a SO like that it's ****ing scary and infuriating. Bishop was cold and Hank is the best goalie in the world and loses it because the guy ****ing loses the puck and it slides through Hank at .0003 MPH into the net while Hank is like "derppity". No one on our team could score and the sad thing is, as "unlucky" or "off" as they were in that game, they are just and unlucky and off for other games too. I was expecting too much from them i think and now i need to lower my standards and just root for them to come out and play and maybe make a smart play once or twice instead of expecting them to win games. Then maybe I can stay positive. lol

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