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02-22-2013, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I remember when White took a penalty and the Sabres scored a goal to pull within one. And we ended up losing that game.

Everyone was ready to send White to the ECHL.

Fast forward to tonight. Eller takes a dumb ass penalty and the Isles score to pull within one goal.

Where is the same reaction?

Eller played a very poor game tonight. He continues to act like he does not know what to do with the puck when it arrives on his stick. On several occasions, he passed the puck to a Hab who was either covered by an Islander defender or a rushed/poorly placed pass. The worst was on our PP. The other was when he and Prust had a chance on an odd man rush. Eller had the puck with no one on him and he makes a pass to Prust who was covered........end of rush.

And Eller has become boss on icing the puck. Great technique.

Now that I got that out of the way, hell, we got a point tonight. Winning streaks have to end some time. And what better team to "lose" to than a team that is struggling to finish the season, much less fight for a playoff spot.

Go Habs Go. Cant win them all and I will take the point and move on.
But... but... but...


You're right to mention it. Most overrated player on HF Habs by far. And the least creative of our centers excluding White, by far. He played a bad game tonight, which would not bother me at all if it wasn't for the fact he's quickly becoming as inconsistent as Kostitsyn out there. Where was the grind we saw in the last few games? Where were the second efforts?

When you play C, you're supposed to be Kent Nagano on the ice. You're the architect of the breakout and of the play, it all starts with the C. And as the architect, Eller failed to generate any decent breakout out there.

Well... still better than Gionta running around in the D zone like a chicken with his head cut off I imagine... But there's a reason why Eller is always the first one of our C to be put on the wings and that, no matter who's the coach in place. It's because of details like this. He might be good on the cycle in the offensive zone, in the end, if you can't organize the breakout properly, you're going to have trouble as a C.

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