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02-22-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by berto14 View Post
Here's my two cents: if the plan is to move Iginla then King is saying the right things. If the other GM's believe that you're happy to keep him then they'll have to overpay to get him out of Calgary. On the other hand, if they know you want to move him then they don't have to pay top-dollar, they just need to pay more than the next guy in line.

At this point, I don't think that Iginla is "on the block" to be sold to the highest bidder but rather can be available if the right offer comes along.
I was thinking about something like this too. Ownership has always said they are not going to move Iggy because they simply believed that they are a playoff team or are really close to one. They should realize if we are really out of it, that we are not a playoff team and at that point they should be open to the idea of trading Iginla. Can we really expect them to say that they are open to trade Iginla if they are out of it? It will only distract Iggy and possibly the team (It probably still is).. Lets face it, Iggy is holding the stick a little too tight. Sure he's setting up all kinds of goals but you can tell he's having trouble finishing.. He even missed the empty net when Dallas pulled their goalie. I don't know exactly if he is distracted by his pending UFA status but it definitely must have an impact if he's uncertain about his future in Calgary.

Bottom line, if we continue to stay at the bottom of the standings we could very well see Iginla being traded at the deadline. If there was absolutely no chance, why didn't he sign an extension yet. Look at Sutter a couple years back when he said his team is good the way it is and he won't be making any big trades. He ended up trading for both Jokinen and Leopold. I believe regardless of what management says that they are not trading Iginla, it can still very much happen and we can't listen to every word the owners say because they are only saying this to avoid distractions in the dressing room. Now im not saying thats its guaranteed he will be traded but I personally think that this is the year. 4 years is enough to realize that a change is needed and we'll find out soon enough by april 5 where this team is headed.

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