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02-22-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Hall definitely sealed his fate for a suspension with his post game comments about how he knew he was in a vulnerable position. Another rookie mistake but I'm sure he'll learn from that in the future.

However as a first time offender it'll likely only be a game or 2.
I interpret his comments differently, I think what he's trying to say (just not well) is that he saw that he was in a vulnerable position and tried to avoid head contact as it is being drilled into everyone right now. If he had said it more eloquently I think it could have worked in his favour as you can see him getting lower to adjust his contact point to avoid head but it resulted in the clip/knee.

Bad judgement as he probably should have tried to avoid contact if he thought Clutterbuck was vulnerable, but it's hard to change gears that quickly and process several decisions in fractions of a second (don't go high and hit his head, but also don't go too low). That said, as an Oiler fan, I'm happy to see someone finish their check even if it was a little dirty. Hopefully, we see more, but better timed attempts.

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