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02-22-2013, 10:14 AM
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First and foremost I think that we have been fed a lie in the "Safe is Death" statement from Torts when initially taking over. In my opinion, there's not a safer system out there than dump and chase and grind along the wall, down below the goal and hope that a puck springs loose in front for a stuff in.

While the Rangers have improved defensively, they have not improved offensively even if their place in the league has gone from 20th in goals in 09-10 (222 goals) to 13th in 11-12 (226 goals) That just tells me that overall scoring is down.

I do not believe we have a team offensively talented enough to play a straight run and gun system, but I believe that we have talented enough players to open it up a bit more than we do now.

What I would do if I were in charge of the Rangers is to Send Kreider back to the minors. He is not engaged often enough and seems a bit lost right now. I believe he's focused so much on not screwing up defensively that his offence is suffering. I believe that he needs to be more imposing with his size and he has to be a bit more selfish (something I think is missing team wide really).

I like what JT Miller has done so far at the NHL level. There's things that he does during that game that displays his Hockey IQ like when he is after a loose puck. He's not a stick checker. I've seen him on a regular basis position himself between the puck and the opposition where as alot of other players (Stepan/Gaborik/Richards/Boyle/Kreider) reach with a stick. These are the things that I like to see from players. Use your body to seperate the puck from the opposition. Not your stick.

I think that the team needs players that are more interested in imposing their physical will on opposing players than what we have right now and they are the guys I would be targeting.

With the short season, I would not make any wholesale changes this year and while I am not a complete fan of trading MDZ, I think that I would pull the trigger on a straight swap for RO'R. This would be a precursor to moving Richards later.

I would then allow the season to play out and hope for the best THIS season.

After the season was over, I would remove Torts and Sully from their positions on the coaching staff. I would hire Joey Mullen to be the teams HC. Nostalgia in getting a local kid from the neighborhood to be the teams HC and for the fact that he has been running the Flyers PP since 07 and they have consistently been top 10. His short HC career was a 52 game minor league stint in the Pens Org. where his team went 28-16-3-5 for a .615 winning percentage. I think we need to stop with the re-treads and think outside of the box with the next choice of HC. Joey knows offence and I think he would do a good job.

At the draft, I move Gaborik for a 1st and a prospect or a solid 4-6 defenceman. In this instance, I target Nashville. Nashville's 1st and a player like Kevin Klein.

If Richards play didn't pick up, he would be a compliance buyout THIS summer. No need to wait till the summer of 2014.

Would look to try to sign both Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry to contracts. 7X7 for Getzlaf and 7X6 for Perry.

If we got Getzlaf and not Perry, I then look to trade Stepan. If we got Perry and not Getzlaf, Stepan remains on the team

Assuming we get both guys. Stepan would be traded. Perferrably out west. With Koivu and Granlund, I don't think Minnesota would have a need for him so sending him to his home state may not be an option. Edmonton could be an option. Oilers 1st in 2014 and MPS (assuming he's still struggling)

I would have the lines look as follows:

Hagelin - Getzlaf - Nash
Kreider - O'Reilly - Perry
Fasth - Miller - Callahan
the 4th line would be made up from the following

MPS, Yogan, Fogarty, Lindberg, St, Croix


McDonagh - Girardi
Staal - Klein
Stralman, McIlrath, Sauer (hopefully)

I know I asked to be a little realistic, and I kind of got away from that here myself.

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