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Originally Posted by SC UL8R1990 View Post
Looks like i'm behind enemy lines here!

Putting hockey to the side, just a few questions for all of you from montreal. I have been to Toronto but i was speaking with my father about Montreal. He said it is a beautiful city with a ton of historical buildings and cathedrals. This sounds like a place i would love to take my soon to be wife (DEC. 15th) for a day or two. The only issue i can't get past is that ive heard montreal is not friendly to english speaking fellows like myself.

I'd love to come see your city but i'm a little worried about finding my way around or even eating at a restaraunt.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - dare i say that i might check out "the forum" ? I'll leave the B's jersey at home!
Hihihi... I didn't know we had cathedrals here.... a lot of churches, but nothing comparable to what you can find in Europe. If you come here, take the time to visit Quebec too... it's the only fortified city in North America.

As for the language issues, there are NO problems with tourists. There are anglos that never learn french that manage to live their life in Montreal. Everyone is welcome here. However, don't mention you are a Republican if you are.

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